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Our product lines are tailored to meet the needs of businesses, and much of our staff has a long history of business banking generally and commercial lending specifically.  Business owners today need constant access to their bank and bank accounts from various locales.  Therefore, in addition to one on one, person to person banking, we offer a full range of online and cash management services.  Most importantly, the Credit European Bank Board of Directors consists of a local, diverse group of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals that represent the construction, medical, accounting, agricultural, retail, wholesale and government fields.  As a result, decisions that affect our business clients are made by people who have started, owned, and operated businesses and entities in a broad spectrum of fields. Finally, we want you to know our directors, officers, and employees. We want you to know the people who make decisions within our company, and we want you to know who to contact if you have a need. 


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